Saipem disclosed on its website the third edition of the document about the climate entitled “Leading the Path to Energy Transition”. It was drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). The company is among the first of the sector to produce this document, to ensure transparency in information and data and to make them easily accessible to investors and stakeholders.


The document was approved by the Board of Directors on October 27 and illustrates to its stakeholders how the company faces climate change in relation to strategy, governance, risk and opportunity management, objectives, and reference metrics.

The document analyzes how climate change has a significant direct and indirect impact on Saipem's business; the risks are analyzed, but also the opportunities to which Saipem is or may be exposed in its capacity as “solution provider” to support investments aimed at the energy transition.

Saipem's strategy, with its backlog 70% non-oil related, is to make cutting-edge and sustainable solutions available to its customers to help them meet their needs in terms of decarbonisation. The report illustrates the existing operational strategy, highlighting the ongoing projects and technological innovation and research and development initiatives that are an integral part of Saipem's activities, focusing on renewables, natural gas, CO2 management and circular economy.

Furthermore, Saipem is committed to improving the efficiency of its assets and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, through numerous ongoing initiatives to reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency. The reduction objectives are an integrated part of the corporate sustainability objectives, which affect the remuneration of top management, confirming climate change as a fundamental issue also from a corporate governance perspective.


At this link you can download the entire document: click here