Saipem and its Joint Venture partners, Tripatra, and Chiyoda Corporation, have handed over the LNG Tangguh Expansion Project located in Tangguh West Papua, Indonesia to their client BP on 1st August 2023.

The plant, which is part of Indonesian Strategic Projects, has a capacity of 3.8 million tons per year. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction scope of works covered, the LNG Train 3, an onshore receiving facility, a new LNG jetty one kilometer-long, an LNG and condensate loading berth, a boil-off gas recovery, utilities, flares and an associated infrastructure. The EPC followed the FEED and detailed design performed by the Joint Venture in Jakarta.

The project faced several technical challenges due to the feed gas composition and to the remote plant location which were overcome by implementing a specific design and by developing an innovative execution strategy to effectively manage the extremely challenging logistics due to the lack of the most basic infrastructures.

During the construction were involved more than 14,000 people at peak, with 200 subcontractors and vendors that participated to the success of the Project; significant engagement with Papuan local communities during the entire execution was a fundamental key success factor.

The Site is in very the remote area, 3,000 Km from Java Island and remarkable marine fleet was established with 110 vessels and barges delivering more than 4.5 MFT to Tangguh Site from the marshalling yards arranged in Java Island.

It is worth noting that the project also implemented extraordinary mitigation measures to cope with the COVID 19 pandemic, occurred while construction was at peak, which allowed the project to continue with limited manpower in that difficult period.

The team also demonstrated an outstanding commitment in safety which resulted in an exceptional safety performance of more than 129 million of worked hours without LTI which marks a new record and become a benchmark for the industry.

All the above demonstrates the capability of Saipem to transform challenges in harsh environment into success for the benefit its clients and all other stakeholders.

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