The Chairman Francesco Caio sends employees a message on behalf of the entire Board of Directors.


The President Francesco Caio also on behalf of the company's Board of Directors sent a message of closeness and encouragement to management and employees who are facing the emergency linked to the contagion from Covid-19 with flexibility, adaptability and dedication. He also spoke of the feeling of gratitude that Saipem wishes to address to the authorities and to the social and health personnel working daily to guarantee everyone's health and safety.

In addition, in line with what was also underlined by the CEO Stefano Cao, the President urges everyone to take care of their own health, their family members and colleagues. - “Never before it is important to do this. So I really ask you to respect the indications that come from the company, the indications that wherever you are in the world come from local institutions because it is important at the moment to be us as an example" - and also stresses that the digital transformation processes implemented in Saipem they promote proximity and support cooperation between people, now and in the future.

Finally, he concludes with a reflection of hope: “The world will come out of this phase and when Saipem comes out it will have a central role in the construction or reconstruction of central infrastructures for the development of an economy that will have to recover anyway. So, thank you. Attention to health and best wishes for a good job, in the awareness that Saipem will be there and will be great."

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