Saipem has introduced the first psychological help desk which is also accessible in the metaverse, offered free of charge and on an anonymous basis for its employees. It is a professional space for immersive and personalized listening and support available among the services of Saipem's "Smart Clinic," the new health care centre that opened at the Milan headquarters.

In the past few years, companies have introduced the figure of the in-house psychologist, but the innovation introduced by Saipem is the possibility of carrying out the therapy session within a virtual environment, through the use of visors worn by both the patient and the specialized psychologist. Users of the service are then projected into the environment that best suits their psychological characteristics, allowing them to break down the superstructures of the real world and creating a condition of optimal comfort, in contact with their own emotions.

The virtual space is generated by the specialist on the basis of the patient's psychological profile in order to create a deeper and more personal experience: the interview can take place, for example, in a lush leafy park, during a seaside sunset or in a mountain chalet, i.e., within the psychological setting that puts the person at ease to open up and face workplace issues or family and personal problems.

The introduction of the service is a concrete example of Saipem's concern for its people, their well-being and, in general, of the company's commitment to the valorisation of human capital.