EMC 2023 has been designed with the sole aim of discussing the pathways and strategies needed to move towards a cleaner, more secure and sustainable energy future. Representing a key platform in the energy calendar, this event brings together government representatives, Global CEOs, NOCs, IOCs, International Service Providers, EPCs, consultants and financiers to address the evolving opportunities in global energy markets.


Date Time Location Paper Title Speaker Role
29/11/2023 10:25-10:50 Main Conference Stage The Challenges of Delivering Hydrocarbons to markets - Solutions and Innovations Fabrizio Botta Chief Commercial Officer
29/11/2023 12:15-12:40 Main Conference Stage The Edison-Saipem Apulia Green Hydrogen Valley: from Theory to Practice Giovanna Villari Green Solutions Commercial Manager
29/11/2023 16:15-17:10 Main Conference Stage Technology & Innovation in the Energy Transition Giovanna Villari Green Solutions Commercial Manager
29/11/2023 11:00-11:25 Engineering Showcase Theatre High performance DEH-PIP for long and low consumption subsea tiebacks Paul Roland R&D Engineer


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Conference & Exhibition Venue City of Dreams

Nikou Kavadia Limassol, Cyprus 3150, Cyprus