Saipem: Integrated Acoustic Unit winner of 2024 Spotlight on New Technology Award by OTC

Milan (Italy), May 7, 2024 – Saipem has been conferred the 2024 Spotlight on New Technology® Award by Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for its technology for the digital monitoring of subsea pipelines during laying operations called Integrated Acoustic Unit (I.A.U.).

Saipem's I.A.U. is an innovative digital tool, based on acoustic, and therefore, non-intrusive technology, which enables real-time monitoring of the integrity of offshore pipelines during laying activities. The new technology provides greater accuracy and timeliness in remotely detecting obstructions, pipe deformations, accidental water ingress and other types of obstacles, and eliminates the risks associated with the mechanical detector commonly used during pipelaying. I.A.U. can also store all measurements taken and exchange them with the data acquisition system of the pipelay vessel, thus contributing to the digitalization of information regarding offshore laying operations.

The unit has obtained the Statement of Technology Qualification from the renowned certification body DNV and, after being extensively tested on Saipem's vessels, it is already supporting projects under execution.

The OTC conference is one of the world's leading offshore energy events and is held annually in Houston, Texas. The Spotlight on New Technology® Award is assigned by OTC to those exhibitors who have distinguished themselves by reshaping the offshore energy sector through their innovation and development of technologies.

Saipem had previously received the Spotlight on New Technology® award for three other proprietary innovations: in 2023 for FlatFish, an advanced underwater inspection drone, in 2021 for the Hydrone-R, an underwater intervention drone, and in 2019 for OIE (Offset Installation Equipment), the only technology in the world capable of remotely capping oil well spills due to incidents or blowouts.


Saipem is a global leader in the engineering and construction of major projects for the energy and infrastructure sectors, both offshore and onshore. Saipem is “One Company” organized into five business lines - Asset Based Services, Energy Carriers, Offshore Wind, Sustainable Infrastructures, Robotics & Industrialized Solutions. The company has 7 fabrication yards and an offshore fleet of 21 construction vessels (of which 17 owned and 4 owned by third parties and managed by Saipem) and 15 drilling rigs, of which 9 owned. Always oriented towards technological innovation, the company’s purpose is “Engineering for a sustainable future”. As such Saipem is committed to supporting its clients on the energy transition pathway towards Net Zero, with increasingly digital means, technologies and processes geared for environmental sustainability. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, it is present in more than 50 countries around the world and employs about 30,000 people of over 120 nationalities.



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