Scarabeo 9

  • DESIGNFrigstad D90
  • WATER DEPTH (ft)12000
  • TYPE6th generation drilling floater

Ultra deepwater 6th generation semi submersible drilling rig

The Scarabeo 9 is a last generation semisubmersible unit equipped with a dual RamRig and a Dynamic Positioning (DP3) system. The Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) is an ultra-deepwater drilling unit, designed to operate in water depth up to 12,000 ft, and with a drilling depth capacity up to 50,000 ft below the rotary table. The MODU consists of two pontoons and four columns connected to the upper hull (deckbox). The pontoons are connected with four transverse braces attached at the lower part of the columns. The upper hull (deckbox) accommodates the drilling package and general utilities and it is equipped with a permanent accommodation module for 200 people. 

The helicopter deck suitable for the use of a M18, EH101 or 61 helicopter. Fluids in bilges and drains are collected in dedicated tanks. The properties of drain and bilge water is controlled prior to discharge into the sea (max 15 ppm oil). Contents of collection tanks can be pumped to vessels alongside via the loading stations or transferred to portable tanks for transfer to shore.


1A1 Column Stabilized Drilling Unit, DRILL, EC0, DYNPOS-AUTRO, POSMOOR, CRANE, HELDK F-AM



Frigstad D90 DYNAMIC POSITIONING Dynpos Autro, DP class 3, Convert Team A series



Four double drum winches with eight fairleads for connection to pre-set system



Overall length: 115 m Length of pontoons: 110 m Pontoon breath: 16 m Pontoon depth: 11.6 m Breath overall: 80 m Deck box width: 74 m Moon pool dimensions: 42 m x 8 m Lightship weight: 31,000 mt Max. operational displacement: 53,800 t Survival displacement: 46,700 t Max. transit displacement: 39,900 t Max. operational draft: 23.6 m (28.4 m including thrusters) Survival draft: 17.1 m (21.9 m including thrusters) Max transit draft: 11.6 m (16.4 m including thrusters) Variable deck load (max. operational): 8,100 mt Variable deck load (max. transit): 6,100 mt Variable deck load (max. survival): 6,100 mt



Total mud capacity (active + reserve): 14,900 bbls Total drill water capacity: 19,300 bbls Base oil tank capacity: 3,000 bbls Diesel fuel capacity: 4,352 m3 Cement silos total capacity: 15,300 cu.ft Bentonite silos total capacity: 7,650 cu.ft Barite silos total capacity: 7,650 cu.ft Brine tanks total capacity: 28,800 cu.ft Sack storage capacity: 162 m2 , for approximately 8,000 sacks Potable water: 1,139 m3



Water Depth capabilitiy: up to 12,000 ft Drilling Depth capability: up to 50,000 ft Maximum wind velocity (operating condition): 70 knots Significant wave height (operating condition): 8.2 m Maximum wave height (operating condition): 14.5 m Maximum wind velocity (survival condition): 100 knots Significant wave height (survival condition): 14.6 m



Eight diesel engines Wartsila, each with 5,400 kW Capacity, coupled with 11kV AC alternators Total installed power 43.2 MW Eight azimuth thrusters Wartsila, driven by 4,300 kW electric motor



Hydraulic dual ram rig, Aker Maritime, 118 ft clear heigth Both main rig and auxiliary rig have 2,000,000 lbs static hook load and full drilling capabilities Set back for 50,000 ft drill string/casing of double stand range 3 Active heave compensator integrated in the ram rig system


Two Wirth RTSS 60 1 /2” hydraulic, maximum opening 60 1 /2” Rated capacity 1,000 st, driven by hydraulic motor



Derrick Drilling Machine Two Aker Maritime DDM-1000-H4-R-R Rated load capacity 1,000 st Max torque 75,000 Nm 7,500 psi WP Max speed 258 rpm



Four Baoji oilfield machinery model F2200HL input power 2,200 HP each fluid end 7,500 psi WP



Four Axion AX-1 high efficiency shale shakers Two MI-Swaco desilter 10 cones x 4", (1,000 GPM each) Mi Swaco CD-1400 degasser Water Jet type mud gas separator (poor-boy), with 12” vent line to top of derrick Two MiSwaco Decanting Centrifuges



LMRP (Lower Marine Riser Package) One (1) Shaffer Spherical Preventer 18 3 /4" - 10,000 psi W BOP STACK Lower Stack One (1) Shaffer Spherical Preventer 18 3 /4" - 10,000 psi WP One (1) Shaffer Double Ram Preventer 18 3 /4" - 15,000 psi WP, with Shear capacity (one cavity with casing shear capacity up to 13 3 /8" casing size, and one cavity able to shear DP 6 5 /8"size) One (1) Shaffer Triple Ram Preventer 18 3 /4" - 15,000 psi WP



Fixed diverter system Vetco Gray CS, 21” WP 750 - 1,500 psi with 2 lines 14”



Maritime Hydraulics AKS 21, 21" x 55ft stroke slip joint Direct Acting Tensioning System



Designed for MI8 and EH 101



Air conditioned living quarters for 200 people Hospital equipped with 4 berth Gymnasium Recreation rooms



Automatic pipe handling system Automatic riser handling system

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