Tiziana MarzianoArzew
Project Management Engineer – Contract Administration

Due to its huge size, encompassing a liquefaction train and a fractionation unit, two 160,000 m3 cryogenic storage tanks for LNG, utilities and a power generation unit, a marine jetty area with 5 loading arms and 17 buildings, the GNL-3Z Project required extraordinary efforts in terms of the management of engineering, purchasing and construction operating centres and entailed the mobilization of a task force of considerable proportions.

My role on the GNL-3Z Project was to support site project management with the administration of contracts, in particular subcontracts for construction works (Civil, Mechanical, E&I, Insulation and Painting), material supply contracts (Steel Structures, Gas Turbine Generators, MR/PR and Centrifugal Compressors) and Site Assistance Services.

This experience provided me with a significant opportunity to improve my skills in terms of responsibility, flexibility, decision-making and perseverance in the pursuit of project goals, while interaction in a multicultural and multinational environment also gave me the chance to develop from both a personnel and professional point of view.

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