When performing its operations Saipem aims to avoid the risk of oil spills. In the event of a spill occurring, it implements measures and actions to prevent its escalation.

The hierarchy of measures used by Saipem to deal with the potential risk of a spill is as follows:


Aware that - even under the most favourable conditions - emergency response and recovery may only be partially effective and that prevention is by far the most important and cost effective weapon, Saipem is strongly committed to raising its levels of “Prevention” and “Preparedness”.

Spill prevention means taking action to reduce or eliminate the environmental risks associated with the handling, storage and use of hazardous substances during operations. Preparedness meanwhile is crucial for assuring a quick and effective response to an emergency and for minimizing the resulting impacts on the environment.

For this reason, training and drills are conducted at Saipem’s sites and projects at agreed intervals in order to ensure an effective implementation of spill response strategies.

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