Tandem LNG Offloading System

A safe, reliable and efficient solution to transfer LNG in open sea

  • 20inchesD floating hose type
  • -196/+50COperating temperature range
  • 3mMinimum bending radius
  • 5yearsNominal Operating life

Benefits of the technology

Cryoline LNG main benefits:

• 20” ID floating hose type

• Maximum operating pressure > 15barg

• Operating temperature range: -196°C / +50°C

• Minimum bending radius of 3 m

• No ice formation on hose during operation

• Integrated leak monitoring system

• Nominal Operating life: 5 years (± 500 offloading operations)

Tandem system main benefits:

• Adapted to FLNG & FSRU applications

• LNG transfer up to 12,000 m3/hr

• Large operating envelope

• Suitable for taut hawser or DP tandem configurations

• Distance between vessels ≥ 100 m

• LNG transfer possible in sea state up to 4 m Hs

• Qualified following EN 1474-3 and BV NR542


LNG Tandem offloading system with floating hoses – Technical Brochure

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Tandem LNG offloading System
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