SpoolSep - Subsea gravity liquid-liquid separator

A process solution to remove and reinject produced water for deep and ultra-deep waters and/or high pressure applications

  • 50 to 120Thousand Barrels Per DayLiquid flowrate
  • 3phases separation having oil and gas recombined in a single outlet
  • 4000mWater depth for which the SpoolSep separator could be designed and manufactured
  • 8Spools

Benefits of the technology

• Increase oil recovery by decreasing the well head back pressure

• Subsea water debottlenecking (mature fields) allowing tie-back of new wells

• Robust and reliable separation process

• Can also be designed for 3-Phase separation

• Good slug handling capabilities

• A flexible design to cope with a wide range of applications and requirements (high pressure, high flowrate, etc.)

• Modular system design allowing easy maintenance and intervention with pipe separators individually retrievable

• Allow maximization of local fabrication and assembly


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SpoolSep – Subsea gravity liquid liquid separator
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