Multipipe - Subsea gravity gas-liquid separator

A process solution for deep and ultra deep waters and/or high pressure applications

  • 4 to 8Pipes
  • 2Phase (G/L) separation
  • 4000 mWater depth for which the Multipipe separator offers gravity separation with slug handling capacity
  • 68Typical allowable slug volume

Benefits of the technology

• Robust and reliable process design based on field proven gravity separation

• Large volumes available in order to handle slugs

• Pipes with reduced wall thickness compared to single vessel design

• A flexible design to cope with a wide range of applications and requirements (high pressure, high flowrate, slugs, etc.)

• Fully modular system with retrievable components

• Allows maximization of local fabrication and assembly.

Development work


Extensive qualification program performed to demonstrate performances regarding hydrodynamic behavior, separation quality under real flow conditions and internals.


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Multipipe– Subsea gravity gas liquid separator
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