Saipem 7000

  • HULL TYPESelf propelled dynamically positioned semisubmersible
  • LIFTING FACILITIES MAIN CRANE2 twin Saipem 7000 model fully revolving bow mounted Amhoist cranes
  • J-LAY SYSTEMPipe diameter range from 4° to 32°
  • FIELD OF ACTIVITYOffshore Construction

Semi-submersible crane and pipelaying (J-lay) DP vessel

With its state-of-the-art J-lay tower, upgraded dynamic positioning capability and fast ballasting system, the Saipem 7000 semisubmersible crane vessel has the capacity to handle the entire workscope of offshore construction developments worldwide, encompassing pipelaying in water depths greater than 2,000 metres and heavy lift operations up to 14,000 tonnes.


The vessel’s Class 3 DP system of 12 thrusters ensures that the vessel maintains good station keeping in the most difficult of weather conditions. Additionally, because the Saipem 7000 has accommodation facilities up to 725 people, the vessel can assist hook-up and commissioning as well as initial platform life support activities.

Altogether, this high specification means that the Saipem 7000 can be counted on to provide the highest level of reliability for conventional, deep and ultradeep water development projects.


In support of its underwater works, the Saipem 7000 operates two stateof- the-art Innovator type of working rov’s, which are an essential part of the vessel’s equipment that complement and integrate surface and subsea operations of the Saipem 7000.


Self propelled dynamically positioned semisubmersible


Length overall 197.95 m

Upper platform 175 m x 87 m x 8.5 m

Lower pontoons 165 m x 33 m x 11.25/15.25 m

Depth to main deck 43.5 m

Free deck area 9,000 sq.m

Deck load 15,000 tonnes

Operating draft 27.5 m

Survival draft 18.5 m

Transit draft 10.5 m

Transit speed 9.5 knots



14 x 1,350 kw single drum winches, each 3,350 m x 33/4”mooring line and 40 tonnes

high holding power anchor

Fully redundant SDPM system 2 anchor windlasses, each 550 m x 5 1/8”chain and 34.5 tonnes anchor



All fixed pitch and variable rpm

4 aft x 4,500 kw propulsion azimuthing units

4 fore x 3,000 kw retractable azimuthing units

2 fore x 5,500 kw retractable azimuthing units

2 bow x 2,500 kw tunnel thrusters



Computer controlled system with simulation capabilities comprising

4 x 6,000 tonnes/h ballast pumps

40 ballast tanks - Total 83,700 cu.m

14 rapid ballast tanks - Total 26,000 cu.m



2 twin Saipem 7000 model fully revolving bow mounted Amhoist cranes.

Main blocks tandem lift: 14,000 tonnes

Main block single lift: 7,000 tonnes

6,000 tonnes revolving at 45 m rad./50 m tieback

Aux. 1 block: 2,500 tonnes

Aux. 2 block: 900 tonnes

Lowering capability to 450 m below sea level

Whip hook: 120 tonnes



2 Menck MHU 3,000 hydraulic hammers

2 Menck MHU 1,700 hydraulic hammers

2 Menck MHU 1,000 hydraulic hammers

2 Menck MHU 600 hydraulic hammers

1 Menck MHU 220 hydraulic hammer

1 Menck MHU 195 hydraulic hammer

2 underwater/surface power packs

1 hydraulic hammer compensator “Slim” and “Free” riding mode capability

Full spread of internal/external lifting clamps ranging from 20” to 102” i./o. dia.

2 levelling systems range 66” - 72”dia. - 900 t. capacity

2 external levelling systems 1,000 tonnes



1 x 70 tonnes Kobelco Crawler crane

1 x 35 tonnes hydraulic wheeled deck crane

2 x 5 tonnes fork lifts



Total power plant 70,000 kw, 10,000 Volt

12 diesel generators on heavy fuels divided in 6 fire segregated engine rooms



388 fully AC single or double cabins for 725 persons

Gym, cinema, internal radio/TV, 400 seat main messroom 70 seat officers messroom, recreation room, bar-cafeterias



Suitable for two BV234 LR Chinook helicopters (one parked)

Classified helicopter refueling system



Pipe diameter range from 4° to 32°

Main laying tension system 750 tonnes with tensioners, up to 2,000 tonnes with friction clamps

Laying tower angle 90° - 110°

Abandonment/Recovery system double capstan winch with 750 tonnes capacity (up to 2,000 tonnes with clamps)

1 welding station

1 NDT and field joint station

Pipe string quadruple joint

Pipe storage capacity up to 6,000 tonnes

The tower is self erecting and removable by the Saipem 7000 own cranes

Saipem 7000 - Brochure
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