Si viaggiare

The SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application is the updated interactive version of the fourth edition of the approved Saipem manual edited by the Medical Team (Nicosia, Consentino and Gialdi). It supplies a number of indications and measures that are essential for preparing a trip abroad and assesses the specificities of the destination, the climate and any possible risks of infection. The application facilitates the planning in advance of preventive health measures (vaccinations, chemoprophylaxis, certificates etc.) and allows travellers to log their frequency and expiry dates.

saipem brochures

The GENERAL BROCHURE app helps you to manage all Saipem brochures in a simple and intuitive way from your smartphone and tablet. You can then email the selected brochures directly to your contacts. It's a useful tool to help you view all of Saipem's institutional literature, technologies and completed projects whenever and wherever you want.