saipem brochures

The GENERAL BROCHURE app helps you to manage all Saipem brochures in a simple and intuitive way from your smartphone and tablet. You can then email the selected brochures directly to your contacts. It's a useful tool to help you view all of Saipem's institutional literature, technologies and completed projects whenever and wherever you want.

Launch the app

Touch the 'Saipem Just Send It' icon to open the app.

In the "welcome page", choose the area of interest from the tools menu located at the top of the page.

Tap the brochure's specific icon to view it.

Choose a brochure

Tap ADD TO CART (upper right-hand corner) to choose the brochure you'd like to send.

Touch CLOSE (upper left-hand corner) to go back to the main menu.

Choose more than one brochure

To select more than one brochure, press ADD TO CART from the main menu. The 'Add to cart' button will become green and the file is saved.

The counter located on the upper right-hand side will display the number of brochures selected. Once all the brochures have been chosen, tap SEND to send the files.

Send it to your contacts

Type the email address. If there is more than one address they must be separated by a semi-colon:;

To send the brochures tap the SEND button in the upper right-hand corner.