Engineering services

Saipem is capable to assist Oil and Gas Customers in Conceptual, Basic Design, Pre-FEED, FEED and EPC phase providing a tailored range of services through an impressive number of experienced engineers all over the world.

Saipem business model relies on superior engineering capabilities which encompasses all the Oil and Gas chain elements in the Onshore, Floaters and Offshore industry.


Global and local presence

Technical knowledge, technological skills and commissioning expertise are maintained and steered in Corporate Main Offices. Nevertheless, Saipem can deliver locally to its Customers high values engineering services. A dedicated corporate operating division includes Process and Technologies, Plant Engineering Disciplines, Commissioning and Operations departments.


Cutting edge-design

At Saipem, everything is done to delivery an outstanding quality and high profile design incorporating lessons learnt of past projects and gaining from the fabrication and construction expertise involvement in the early stage of projects.

Innovative design tools, massive databases and intense collaboration with Universities and Technical Institutions are the pillars of Saipem way of doing engineering.


    Top Quality

    At Saipem, our engineering know-how, technological expertise and commissioning capabilities are the backbone of our business, driving our strategic decisions and allowing us to deliver flawless production solutions and develop proposals that create value for our clients. To ensure our in-house competencies are continuously nurtured and steadily improved and developed in all sectors of our business, which encompasses a wide technology portfolio, we maintain a balanced mix of experienced, expert engineers and graduates from the world’s best universities.


    With design sustainability playing a key role in our engineering approach, we are always careful to consider all of the social, environmental and safety impacts of any work we undertake. Meanwhile our creativity and ability to innovate effectively is crucial to our success in carrying out technologically cutting-edge operations in frontier environments.

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