Research & Technology Development

The ability to innovate by developing new technologies and differentiated know-how and methodologies and by subsequently bringing them to industrial deployment is fundamental for Saipem. We view technologies primarily as enablers for achieving improved operational performance and for reducing the environmental impact of our construction activities. E&C Offshore is focusing its development efforts primarily on subsea systems (SURF, subsea processing and field surveillance), export lines and trunklines, as well as on material technologies and other cross-cutting themes. E&C Onshore is focusing on proprietary licensed process technologies and new solutions designed to increase its value proposition to clients, mainly in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental engineering. Drilling is adopting new drilling techniques and rigs for harsh/Arctic conditions. The focus of Floaters is primarily on high-end technological solutions, such as FLNG and floaters for harsh conditions.


    In-house innovations

    Innovation is at the heart of all our activities in all of our business units. Innovative solutions have been the key to Saipem’s success in the past and will continue to make a significant difference in delivering future projects. Our flagship offshore vessel Castorone is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art features, tools and systems that make it one of the world’s most competitive pipelay vessels, capable of operating in the harshest environments and in ultra-deep to shallow waters. Meanwhile, in the onshore sector, we have developed numerous successful process technologies, including our world-leading Snamprogetti Urea Technology (130 plants licensed to date) and have acquired specialist expertise in the design and construction of technologically complex plants for the conversion of heavy oil residues, including the world’s largest gasification plants and hydrotreating units.

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