Project risk

The main objectives of the Risk and Opportunity and Knowledge Management department are to:

  • promote the use of the Project Risk Management methodology in tenders and in the execution phase of projects managed by Business Units applying the methodology and on the principal investment projects underway;
  • assure periodic reporting to management on principal project risks and on trends observed, aggregated by Business Unit and at global level. Implement project portfolio analyses in order to support management decisions and provide an understanding of the external macro risk factors on projects that may impact on company results so that Management can intervene by deploying the appropriate risk management tools of avoidance, mitigation, transfer and acceptance.
  • assure the spread of a risk management culture within Saipem with a view to achieving structured management of risk and opportunity and contributing to improved management of contingencies;
  • provide advice, support and guidelines to the Business Units and projects in identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities and in all activities related to the implementation of mitigation and improvement measures for risk management and the optimisation of opportunities respectively;
  • define, develop and update tools and methods for collecting and organising lessons learned and making them available to projects; ensure adequate training and the necessary support to commercial and project management teams;
  • ensure that Corporate Guidelines, Procedures and Standards are constantly updated in accordance with international Standards and Codes of Practice, promoting full compliance and correct application within Saipem and its subsidiaries;
  • contribute to promoting the observance of the Golden Rules and Silver Guidelines, the tool for regulating risk assumption through which Saipem assigns management the responsibility for the decision to assume significant risks. The standards and procedures in force at Saipem comply in terms of project risk management with the principal international risk management and standards.
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