Saipem’s Board of Directors appoints Internal Board Committees

CorporateSan Donato Milanese

San Donato Milanese (Milan), May 15, 2015 – The Board of Directors of Saipem S.p.A. convened today and approved the renewal of the internal Board Committees, as follows:

• Audit and Risk Committee

- Nicla Picchi (Chairman)

- Guido Guzzetti

- Flavia Mazzarella

• Compensation and Nomination Committee

- Maria Elena Cappello (Chairman)

- Federico Ferro - Luzzi

- Francesco Antonio Ferrucci

Both Committees are comprised entirely of independent Board Directors, pursuant to art. 37, paragraph 1 letter d) and paragraph 1-bis of Markets’ Regulations.

The Board of Directors ascertained that all Committee members meet the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies.

The Board of Directors also set up the Corporate Governance Committee comprising the following Board members:

- Paolo Andrea Colombo (Chairman)

- Francesco Antonio Ferrucci

- Stefano Siragusa

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