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February 16,  2015

Preliminary consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2014 and 2015 guidance

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R&D Offshore

Technology Innovation in Offshore Business within Saipem Group fosters development of critical processes and equipment, preparing the company to the future needs of the oil & gas industry, supporting the technologies for new investments and continuously improving the core business processes.

The oil & gas market is driving the industry to even more challenging operations. Saipem is responding through its sustainability issues, developing enabling technologies in the areas of frontiers projects, improving operations reliability and reducing the environmental impact of construction activities.

As a result, different technologies have been successfully developed and proven in the field.  Low environmental impact solutions, for laying and burying of sea lines in remote areas, in presence of ice and very shallow water have been designed, built, tested and operated. Trunklines have been installed under the seabed by minimizing the amount of excavated soil.

In ultra deepwater, new solutions have been adopted, such as for the installation of risers and flow lines.  A complete system for deepwater emergency repairing of trunk lines, based on Eni cold forging technology, has been developed and tested at sea.

In the field of underwater salvage, Saipem has developed new methods for recovering the oil from wrecks to the surface, designing and building special components and extensively using the proprietary work class ROV fleet.

Technology Innovation is also playing a distinctive role in the new class of Saipem’s vessel for pipe laying, field development, offshore construction and drilling. 

Process equipment and control systems have been further improved, to meet the increasing demand of complex and reliable operations. 

Innovation technology commitment is to increase the proprietary technology portfolio, maintaining a sharp focus on operations competitiveness, reliability and sustainability.

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