Stefano GioiaManifa
Project Manager


I joined the Manifa project at the beginning of 2010. First I looked after home office activities, engineering and procurement, then I moved to Saudi Arabia to manage the construction phase on site. In November 2012, I was appointed as Project Manager. We are currently in the close-out phase. If I had to sum up the whole project, I would highlight the excellent results achieved. We saw a “strategic” acquisition and negotiations phase, followed by a challenging execution phase. I coordinated and controlled the execution of the project, ensuring its completion in accordance with contractual obligations, client requirements and objectives, all relevant time and cost constraints and meeting all HSE and Quality targets. I was an active part of all contract negotiations with the client during the first phase of the project, which led to various amendments to the contract and also managed all the additional works and change variations during the engineering, procurement and construction phase. I led our dealings with the client and aimed to ensure a good relationship and the observance of all contractual obligations. I assisted the Project Director, together with the engineering, procurement and construction departments as well as the contractual and commercial units, during drawn out negotiations with the Main Subcontractor to renegotiate its contract following its financial default. As a result of this situation, Saipem was forced to enter into direct contractual relationships with more than twenty different contractors, with whom I handled all the issues related to the execution of the project, ensuring the continuity of site activities and the proper delivery flow of materials and equipment in line with construction schedule priorities. I’d like to highlight the prompt and excellent response of all Saipem team members, whose numbers were increased to deal with this new scenario. They reacted to motivational leadership, demonstrating an initiative, resourcefulness and commitment to their work that led ultimately to the successful completion of the project. The first GOSP (Gas Oil Separation Plant) was delivered on March 30, 2013, with the full satisfaction of Saudi Aramco, who started producing oil on April 10, 2013, three months ahead of its internal schedule. The last GOSP was delivered on June 25, 2013. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who worked with me on the project, who helped me grow both personally and professionally and hope that these words can be an encouragement for all those people who work hard every day to achieve their project’s objective with the full satisfaction of the client and Saipem.

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