All Saipem activities produce significant amounts of waste.

Accordingly, the company adopts a responsible attitude to the waste it generates, applying the waste management hierarchy shown below.

  • REDUCE - Eliminate or minimise the waste stream through the use of suitable procedures or technologies
  • REUSE - Re-use waste on site as material
  • RECYCLE - Process and re-use waste as material
  • RECOVERY - Process and re-use waste as fuel
  • DISPOSAL - Landfill, incineration.

The main focus of Saipem’s waste minimization actions is hazardous material. Measures are taken and promoted to replace hazardous materials with non-hazardous alternatives.

Saipem ensures proper waste management by issuing suitable Waste Management procedures and plans at both Company and Project level that provide effective guidance for waste management on all Saipem activities and help people working on site understand the principles of waste classification and waste minimization.

The implementation of an effective segregation system reduces waste going to landfill and maximizes opportunity for recycling and reuse.

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