Local presence

Creating employment and providing training, establishing and maintaining a dialogue with local communities, and promoting the development of local infrastructure are key elements of a successful sustainability strategy

Saipem is present in a large number of locations around the globe, operating with a decentralized organizational structure that allows us to respond to effectively local needs and sustainability issues. Wherever we operate, Saipem plays an active role in the community, contributing to local social and economic development in a number of ways, not least in terms of local employment and value creation. In areas where it has an established long-term presence, as well as in areas where its presence is more recent, Saipem has always worked to maintain an open and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders and is committed to developing strong relationships with local stakeholders.

Saipem's presence in local communities generally takes one of two forms: a long-term presence, in locations where the company has construction yards or other facilities; and a mid/short-term presence, in areas where it is undertaking a specific project. Saipem's engagement and dialogue with local stakeholders thus varies according to the type of presence the company has in a given location, as can be seen in the following table.

Following the gradual expansion of existing fabrication facilities in Nigeria, Angola, the UAE, Kazakhstan and Congo, and well established engineering and project management centres in Italy, France, the UK, Norway, Romania, Croatia and India, recent years have seen the vigorous development of fabrication centres in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Brazil as well as engineering and project management centres in Algeria, the UAE and most recently Canada.


Long-term presence

Mid/short-term presence

Direct contact with local communities

Interaction with local communities in collaboration with client and/or partners

Formal long-term commitment to Local Content in daily work by hiring local employees and availing of local vendors

Flexibility to adapt the work to different local contexts, applying local or customer requirements

Long-term investment for socio-economic development in collaboration with local stakeholders

Initiatives for socio-economic development carried out mainly in accordance with Client requirements

Engagement with local communities carried out directly by Saipem with a long-lasting and structured approach

Engagement with local communities and authorities mainly carried out by the Clients, while Saipem participates in the implementation of the activities

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