Sustainability Approach

Sustainability for Saipem means conducting its business while remaining mindful of our responsibility towards all the stakeholders. Ensuring fair and cooperative relationships is vital for the success of our projects.

Saipem draws inspiration from the principles of transparency, honesty, integrity and business fairness, and adopts the highest standards and strict international guidelines when managing its activities.

Saipem promotes the health and safety of people, respect for their rights, protection of the environment and biodiversity, efficient use of resources, quality, meeting customer requirements during projects and making the most of human capital with specific reference to local resources.

Locally, Saipem’s business strategy is based on the creation of long-term value in the areas in which it operates, contributing to their development. The Company has a long tradition in effective local engagement thanks to a consolidated local presence and a decentralized and multicultural organization.



Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

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