Safety Management

Saipem has developed a comprehensive HSE Management System that meets the requirements of all applicable laws and is certified to international standards ISO 14001and OHSAS 18001.

The management of HSE risks is based upon the principles of prevention, protection, awareness, promotion and participation. Its aim is to ensure the health and safety of workers and to protect the environment and the public's general welfare.

Safety management at Saipem encompasses the following activities:

  • identifying hazards and assessing risks to the safety of personnel, suppliers and other parties involved in company activities and of risks to assets
  • assessing risks from interference between activities in situations where work is contracted out to third parties operating on Company premises
  • training of personnel
  • developing suitable measures of prevention and protection for people and assets and maintaining an adequate level of effectiveness over time
  • operational control of activities for safety purposes
  • reporting, recording, analysis and investigation of accidents, injuries and near misses
  • relations with local authorities
  • follow-up and checks on effectiveness of prevention and protection measures implemented
  • consolidation and analysis of safety performance.


Policy - The Integrity in our Operations

Certificate OHSAS 18001

Certificate ISO 14001

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