Supply chain social responsibility

Vendors are key players for Saipem’s business and its success.

Saipem’s commitment concerns the maintenance and improvement of mutual long-term understanding and trust in the enterprises working with and for Saipem.

The Saipem Ethical Supply Chain Management System consists of different interrelated phases which can be summarised as the following:

• Vendor qualification

As part of the entire procurement cycle, the vendor qualification process aims to evaluate third party technical/organisational capabilities, ethical practices, and economic and financial reliability to enable vendor acceptance within the Saipem Group.

• Purchase document preparation and award

As per Saipem standard templates, vendors shall declare receipt and acknowledgement of the contents of the ‘Sustainability Policy’ whereby Saipem is committed to acting as a sustainable Company and to contributing to long term growth and value creation through the effective involvement of all legitimate stakeholders. Each party declares that its activities under the purchase order shall, in no event, imply unacceptable risks to people or the environment, and undertakes to manage and mitigate these risks in its everyday operating activities

• Vendor performance monitoring and feedback

Vendor Monitoring and Vendor performance feedback are continuously monitored and Saipem’s relevant functions are asked to provide feedback regarding the performance of vendors in terms of labour and safety (e.g. occurrence of accidents/injuries during work execution, compliance with applicable HSE legislation and contractual specifications, existence of legal proceedings for serious violations/offences).

For further information on Saipem Vendor Management:

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