Saipem reports to its stakeholders proactively and transparently using a series of different communication channels and is keenly aware of the importance of providing all those concerned with information regarding the operations it carries out around the globe.

In order to guarantee the quality of the information provided, Saipem’s reporting process is based on principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness and clarity. In order to identify the most significant issues for Saipem, which will then become the subject matter of the various documents, a materiality analysis is carried out annually. Material issues are determined by two factors:

  • their internal significance in relation to the Company’s business objectives, its principles and values
  • their importance for external stakeholders. Saipem has developed its own structured approach to analysing the needs of stakeholder groups which aims to ensure they are given full and proper consideration, in accordance with the company’s mission statement and sustainability strategy.

Saipem's sustainability reporting system can be broken down as follows:

  • the corporate reporting system, consisting of two documents: Consolidated Non-Financial Statements and Saipem Sustainability. The former describes the Group’s sustainability performance and provides additional qualitative and quantitative information. The latter is an independent report centred around themes and issues identified as material for Saipem’s business and important for its stakeholders. It describes how Saipem implements its sustainability approach in its operations around the world and addresses themes such as the use of ‘best practices’ and relationships with local stakeholders;
  • local reporting, consisting of local Sustainability Reports, Country Reports and Project Reports. These documents describe the activities and performance of Saipem and its operating companies in terms of sustainable development and offer company, country and project focuses, respectively;
  • theme-based reporting, focusing on specific issues identified as material and which then become the central topics of dedicated documents.
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