LHS Foundation

The LHS Foundation (Leadership in Health and Safety) is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote research activities, educational and training programmes and information campaigns in the field of health and safety. Its focus is on the four core levers of Culture, Behaviour, Leadership and Change.

The Foundation's guiding values are the centrality of human life, safeguarding the welfare of the individual and a passion for research and innovation. The Foundation aims to radically change the concept of health and safety through promotion of the Leadership in Health and Safety methodology.

The strategies and tools the Foundation employs are designed to impact the hearts and minds of participants and to give them the motivation and the resources they need to become leaders in safety, each and every day and in every aspect of their lives.

LHS activities are designed to prepare people to accept change by generating a strong emotional impact, shaking consciences and encouraging them to question entrenched habits and beliefs. Through the use of emotional engagement, interactivity and practical exercises, the method leaves a profound impact on participants and produces real, measurable results. As well as providing support to companies wishing to implement the LiHS programme, the Foundation also carries out a range of not for profit work, including organizing educational events at schools and holding cultural events and performances with the goal of promoting a zero accident culture and encouraging positive patterns of behaviour in terms of safety. It also sponsors research work in collaboration with a number of leading Italian universities with the aim of advancing and fostering a culture of safety.

For further details, visit the LHS Foundation website.

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