Health and Safety Culture

Saipem: thousands of people united by a passion for health and safety

Sharing Love for Health & Safety

April 28 is the annual World Day for Health and Safety at work promoted by the ILO (International Labour Organization).

Saipem celebrates this event as an opportunity to promote the development of a health and safety culture, and runs internal communications campaigns designed to encourage its employees to talk about workplace health and safety in a creative and innovative way.

The "Sharing Love for Health & Safety" campaign was launched in 2011. The name was chosen to underline the effectiveness of sharing one’s passion and enthusiasm for health and safety as a way of influencing colleagues, family members and friends, and creating profound and real cultural change.

A competition format was chosen to encourage participation and creativity. After the success of the video competition in 2011, the following year’s contestants were asked to submit a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a video, a sculpture or a song to express their love for health and safety.

In 2013 it was the turn of the "Health Prevention Flash Mob" initiative, which saw an extraordinary number of Saipem employees from all over the world coming together at worksites, canteens and offices to produce a series of spectacular presentations conveying the importance of safety and health at work.

Creativity, interactivity and new media were once again centre stage in the "Safe Selfie Contest" of 2014. Participants were asked to take selfies which conveyed the message You’re a Health & Safety Leader if…, thus transforming the year’s hottest trend into a spontaneous, effective and original method of spreading the health and safety message.

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