Saipem has developed a comprehensive HSE Management System that meets the requirements of all applicable legislation and is certified to international standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The management of HSE risks is based upon the principles of prevention, protection, awareness, promotion and participation. Its aim is to ensure the health and safety of workers and to protect the environment and the public's general welfare.

Saipem environmental strategies are focused on reducing all types of impacts and preserving natural resources. The strategy includes a strong commitment to raising environmental awareness at all Saipem projects and sites and encouraging the implementation of activities designed to prevent pollution, achieve energy savings, reuse and recycle waste and save water.

Saipem's environmental management strategy encompasses a range of different actions:

  • analysing the specific geographical context
  • identifying its environmental aspects, including aspects associated with normal and abnormal operating conditions, emergency situations and accidents
  • assessing the significance of the environmental impacts associated with the environmental aspects identified
  • defining measures to mitigate environmental impacts, considering the best available technologies
  • follow-up and checks on the effectiveness of the mitigation measures implemented
  • analysis and consolidation of environmental monitoring data.


Policy - The Integrity in our Operations

Certificate OHSAS 18001

Certificate ISO 14001

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