Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability Model

Saipem has implemented a Sustainability Model that allows to manage the complexity of the contexts in which it operates and the challenges that Sustainability has to afford.


Bringing together the group common framework of values, fully in compliance with the Code of Ethics, the Sustainability Policy provides the foundation to the Saipem culture of Sustainability. It practically guides the way the group and its employees are due to conduct business, both into daily operations and in long-term planning.


Saipem has a Sustainability Committee that provides strategic guidance on aligning business strategy with a sustainable approach. A Sustainability Team supports the Committee and coordinates the Sustainability activities at Corporate level. The Team is supported by a cross functional working group and local facilitators in all the relevant countries.

Stakeholder Engagement

Saipem stakeholders represent a wide range of interests, all of which are important for the Sustainability of the Company business. Establishing and maintaining lasting relationships is critical for the long-term Sustainability of the Company. That is why the Stakeholder Engagement is fundamental to understand needs and priorities of every figure involved in Saipem business.



Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

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