Saipem's Shareholders

At 22 January 2018, the share capital of Saipem S.p.A. amounted to Euro 2,191,384,693, represented by No. 1,010,966,841 ordinary shares and No. 10,598 savings shares, with no par value. Shares cannot be divided and each share bears the right to one vote. Saipem’s shareholders enjoy, and are limited by, all relevant rights afforded by law. Savings shares are convertible at par with ordinary shares; they enjoy a higher dividend than ordinary shares equal to 3% or the share nominal value.

Based on information available and received and pursuant to 11971/99, at 11 April 2018 the Shareholders owning an excess of 3% are:

Shareholders% of capital
Eni S.p.A.30.54
CDP Equity S.p.A.12.55
Dodge & Cox4.87

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