SPRINGS - Subsea seawater treatment for injection

A sulphate removal system to avoid deposits and reservoir souring

Benefits of the technology

•   Simplify pre-treatment by using water from the depths which is better quality
•   Reduce modifications required on FPSO (brownfield)

  • The injection network minimized or suppressed
  • Particularly attractive for satellite fields by making it possible to inject water where no solution is technically or financially viable


SPRINGS - Subsea Seawater Treatment for Oilfield Water Injection , L. Rivière / P. Pedenaud (TOTAL SA), S. Abrand / S. Anrès (SAIPEM), D. Bigeonneau (VEOLIA Water), W. Evans / G. Skivington (VWS Westgarth), Deep Offshore Technology Conference, 2012, Perth, Australia.



Subsea seawater treatment for injection
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