Saipem 3000

  • CRANE TYPE2,400 st fully revolving, self powered
  • MAIN HOOK2,400 st at 130 ft (2,177 t at 39,6 m), revolving with 1° cross angle
  • FIELD OF ACTIVITYOffshore Construction

Self propelled DP crane vessel


Saipem has converted the former vessel “Maxita" into a fully redundant DP Heavy Lift vessel named “Saipem 3000” by replacing a completely new stern section and installing a CLYDE 76 model 2,400 st crane. The new configuration consists in a monohull unit with the following particulars: length 162 m, breatdh 38m and depth 9m, selfpropelled, with heavy lifting crane, associated to a DP system Class 3. The vessel will be suited for worldwide operations in the most severe environmental conditions.

The main crane (with relevant tub foundation) has been dismantled from the HLV named “Pearl Marine” and erected into the stern.

Main crane foundation has been integrated into the new structure on which two azimuthal and retractable thrusters for propulsion and for dynamic positioning are installed.

The A-frame of Clyde crane has been shortened in order to reduce our draft for passage through Suez Canal.

Furthermore existing accommodation and relevant systems have been upgraded to lodge 211 persons as per safety appliance. Converted vessel has dual classification: ABS and DNV.


2,400 st fully revolving, self powered,crane model Clyde 76 DE 220 + 35 + 30
Manufacturer:CLYDE (Serial number: CW 4015)
Built Year:1976 - Upgrading: from 2,000 st to 2,400 st in 1987; full reconditioning in 2003

Main hook:2,400 st at 130 ft (2,177 t at 39,6 m), revolving with 1° cross angle
Auxiliary Hook:600 st at 141 ft (544 t at 43 m)
Whip hook:
75 st at 272 ft (68 t at 83m)

Auxiliary Hook:
544 t @ 290 m below boom hinge
148 t @ 1,010 m below boom hinge
49 t @ 2,090 m below boom hinge
AHC Winch for subsea operation: 350T capacity in single mode,700T capacity in double fall mode


Type: Monohull HLV, dynamically positioned.
Class: ABS and DNV
ABS Class Notation: A1 - AMS, DPS-3, ACCU, CRC
DNV Class Notation: X1A1 DYNPOS AUTR0 E0 HELDK(ERN 99.99.93)
NMD: Letter of compliance
Conversion Delivery completion: April 2003, Singapore
Flag: Bahamas, Port of registry: ”NASSAU”

Length overall: 162 m
Breadth: 38 m
Depth to main deck: 9 m
Summer draft: 6,308 m
Displacement: 31,731 t at summer draft 6.3m
Gross Tonnage: 20,639 t

Accommodation capacity: 211 persons as per safety appliances
Clients office suite, gymnasium, recreation room
and lounge
Helideck: Standard Sikorsky- 61N - Super Puma
Vessel propulsion/positioning: Total Thruster’s Power - 19.1 MW
Total Bollard Pull: 288 t
Main propulsion stern thruster: 2 x 4,500 kW approx.;B.P.= 77.5 t/each
Model LIPS FS 3500 671 MNR (fixed pitch, retractable
and azimuthal, for station keeping and transit mode)
Azimuthal retractable thrusters: Thruster FWD: 2 x 2,684 kW (3,600 HP); B.P.= 36.6 t/each
Thruster AFT: 2 x 2,073 kW (2,780 HP); B.P.= 30 t/each
Tunnel thrusters: FWD 1x1200kW; B.P: 16.8kN
Transit speed: 8Kn
DP/PM systems: DP/PM System, fully redundant Class 3 A1 - AMS, DPS-3, ACCU, CRC
DP Reference System: 2 x DGPS, 2 x Hipap
Electrical Power Supply: 6,6 kV, 440 V, 60 Hz.
Tot. Power: 22 MW
Nr. 2 x 5,550 kW CaterpillarMak 12CM32
Nr. 2 x 3,200 kW Mitsubishi MAN
Nr. 2 x 2,250 kW Bergen
Emergency Gen. 350 kW / 440 V, 60 Hz
Tank Capacities: Water Ballast: 22,300 t,
Fresh Water: 600 t, LO: 88 t
Bunker capacity (MGO): 2,600 t
Fully DP operating for at least 50 days,
Transit: range 18,500 n.m.
Crane capacity: CLYDE Model 76, 2,400 st fully revolving;HYDRALIFT 15 t at25 m pedestal crane
AHC NOV crane: 20T@25m (2000m W.D.)
Storage Areas: Free deck Area: 3,000 sqm approx.
Max. local uniform deck load: 18 t/sq.m
Moon pool Provision for 6 m x 6 m.
Mooring system: 2x22 t windlasses and 6x12.5 t mooring winches
Pile Hammer: MHU 600, 1000 e 1700. Self diesel driven hydraulic power pack plus umbilical winch
Crawler crane: American Hoist model 9310, 210 t lifting capacity

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