S 600

  • MAX LOADING CAPACITY 60,760 tons
  • MAX. LAUNCH WEIGHT30,000 tons
  • MAX. UPPERDECK LOADUniform deck loading of 15 tons/ sq.m on 15 m wide stroke in centre of barge and 20 tons/sq.m on other area
  • FIELD OF ACTIVITYOffshore Construction


Port of registration: Nassau-Bahamas


Length: 183.00 m
Breadth: 47.24 m
Depth: 11.58 m
Summer draught: 8.56 m
Lightweight (excl. equipment):11,010 tons
Max. loading capacity: 60,760 tons
Displacement: 71,800 tons
Max. launch weight: 30,000 tons
Gross tonnage: 27,484 tons
Net tonnage: 8,245 tons
Suez net register tonnage: 32,130 tons

Water ballast tanks: 86,385 cu.m
Voids: 1,993 cu.m
Fuel oil tank: 8 cu.m
Cooling fresh water tank: 128 cu.m

From remote control panel.
Pumps: 2 ballast pumps each with a capacity of 1,000 cu.m/h. at 20 m wc.
A diesel engine of 65 bhp by 1,800 rpm drives the AC generator, the compressor and the fire/bilge pump with a capacity of 60 cu.m/h. at 60 m wc.
Generator: AC generator - 20 kw, 110 V, 3 phases, 60 Hz.

Capacity 1 cu.m/h., 7 bars (for remote control).

Anchor: Stockless bow anchor, weight 7,800 kg.
Anchor winch: 60/16 tons by 9/28 m/min. fitted with a rope of 50 mm dia x 457 m (for engine, see ballasting).
Bridle chain retrieving winch: capacity 18 tons at 3 m/min. with a 21.5 mm dia wire, 50 m long and driven by a 20 hp x 1,200 rpm diesel engine.
Fittings: 14 bollard sets 50 tons capacity and 10 Panama chocks.


2x 78 mm dia x 27.5 m U3 studlink chains joined by a triplate to a pennant wire of 76 mm dia and 25 m length
All towing gear rated at 150 tons bollard pull
Emergency towing lines: 2 x wire ropes of 70 mm dia x 160 m with hard eyes and at the end a polypropylene line 305 mm circumference x 50 m with a buoy of 1 m dia.

Five of 150 tons each at bow, smit towing brackets incl. fairleads.
Two of 50 tons each at stern, smit towing brackets.

Uniform deck loading of 15 tons/sq.m on 15 m wide stroke in centre of barge and 20 tons/sq.m on other area. Max. concentrated load of 200 tons on transverse deck frame at mid span and 500 tons on the cross points of transverse deck frames and longitudinal bulk heads.

Max. length: 145 m each
Width: 2.40 m
Height above barge deck: 2.52 m
Weight: 4.9 tons/m each

S 600 - brochure
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