Vessels & Yards


With its highly reliable and state of the art fleet of vessels, Saipem is one of the leaders in its industry.

Managing our assets efficiently, from R&D to design of new vessels from maintenance to operating according to the highest HSE standards, is a key element of our success.


Fabrication yards have an essential role within EPCI projects. They allow to optimize every single stage of the project and represent a strategic asset for Saipem.

Saipem Yards are located in four continents. Each one has its own distinctive specialization and features. Fabrication yards are run successfully thanks to the mobility of our personnel, transfer of know how, best practices and systems. This ensures the highest level of competence in every single fabrication site, and a well established ability to locally manage the wide range of challenges that developing countries present.

Saipem Yards are located in key oil areas and they cooperate with local players contributing to the development of the local economies.

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Febraury 19, 2014



Our approach

Our approach consists of:


- a long-term commitment to the promotion of Local Content, mainly in terms of local employment and the use of local suppliers.

- long-term investments towards the socio-economic development of the area, in accordance and conjunction with local stakeholders.

- the involvement of local communities, directly initiated by Saipem through a structured and enduring system and approach.

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