Saipem's E&C onshore division designs and constructs hydrocarbon production facilities, hydrocarbon treatment facilities and large onshore treatment and transportation systems and facilities (processing units, pipelines, pumping or compressor stations, terminals).

In addition, thanks to its distinctive gas monetization know-how, Saipem is also capable of delivering large, complex turnkey projects in the high-tech LNG market.

Saipem maintains a high degree of competitiveness as a result of the technological excellence provided by its specialized engineering hubs and by handling a substantial portion of its engineering activities in geographical areas offering greater cost efficiency.


    Research & Technology Development

    The Onshore division is focusing on proprietary licensed process technologies and new solutions designed to increase its value proposition to clients, mainly in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental engineering.


    Saipem has been at the forefront among global Engineering and Construction companies not only in accepting the growing demand for Local Content from local governments, but in making it the essential component of our project execution and corporate growth strategy. The results of this approach are highly positive: in the long-term, greater Local Content reduces project risk and improves project execution efficiency, with considerable benefits to Clients, to Saipem and to the local communities: a real ‘win-win’ outcome.

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