Drilling Offshore

Saipem has been operating as an international drilling contractor since 1969, providing offshore and onshore drilling services encompassing almost all rig types and geographical areas. Our track record includes operations in deep water and in frontier and remote areas and environment. We provide our services to the highest HSE standards and pay special attention to sustainability and development of local content. Saipem carries out work worldwide for international Oil & Gas majors as well as for national companies and independent operators.

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    “Satisfaction of our clients” and “Here to stay” - Our aim is to provide reliable services that fully meet the needs of our customers. We seek to establish long-term relationships with clients and local communities and for this reason focus our attention on countries and clients where there is the potential for establishing a real long-term presence.

    Research & Technology Development

    In the drilling business we are continually evaluating new designs and innovative drilling solutions in order to provide our clients with the most reliable and best in class technology in the execution of our drilling projects, particularly for projects that are in harsh and difficult environments such as our operations in the Barents and North Caspian Sea.


    Employment, training and development of our local personnel are key elements of Saipem’s drilling business strategy. Our objective is to foster local people capabilities in order to train them to become highly-qualified drilling personnel.

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