Country risk

Substantial portions of Saipem’s operations are performed in countries outside the EU and North America, certain of which may be politically or economically less stable. Developments in the political framework, economic crisis, internal social unrest and conflicts with other countries can compromise temporarily or permanently Saipem’s ability to operate or to economically operate in such countries and may require specific measures (where possible in compliance with Saipem corporate policy) to be taken at an organisational or management level in order to enable the continuation of activities underway in conditions that differ from those originally anticipated. If Saipem’s ability to operate is temporarily compromised, demobilisation is planned according to criteria designed to guarantee the protection of company assets that remain on-site and to minimise the business interruption by employing solutions that accelerate and reduce the cost of business recovery once favourable conditions have returned. The measures outlined above may be costly and have an impact on expected results. Further risks associated with activities in such countries are: (i) lack of well established and reliable legal systems and uncertainties surrounding enforcement of contractual rights; (ii) unfavourable developments in laws and regulations and unilateral contract changes, leading to reductions in the value of Saipem’s assets, forced sales and expropriations; (iii) restrictions on construction, drilling, imports and exports; (iv) tax increases; (v) civil and social unrest leading to sabotages, acts of violence and incidents. While the occurrence of these events is unpredictable, they may have a material adverse impact on Saipem’s financial position and results. Saipem employs a continuous and holistic approach to monitoring political, social and economic risk in countries in which it operates or intends to invest, using the reports on principal project risks and related trends prepared in accordance with Corporate Risk Management Policy and Risk Management procedures and Standards and Security reports prepared in accordance with the Corporate Security Policy and Guidelines on Security Activities.

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