Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors, pursuant to Article 149 of Law Decree No. 58/1998, monitors: compliance to the law and the Articles of Association; that management principles are correctly adhered to; the adequacy of the Company organizational structure, the internal control system and the administrative/accounting system, and the reliability of the latter to clearly reflect the Company’s position.
The Board is comprised of 3 Statutory Auditors and 2 Alternate Auditors, appointed by the Shareholders on April 28, 2017. The term of office for Statutory Auditors is 3 years and will expire at the Shareholders' Meeting called to approve the Financial Statements at December 31, 2019. The appointment of Statutory Auditors occurs pursuant to art. 27 of Articles of Association, through voting from a list, so as to allow the appointment of minority interest representatives. The Auditors operate autonomously and independently from the shareholders who appointed them (art. 18.1 of the Code).  
Lists are filed at the company's registered headquarters at least 25 days prior to the Shareholders' meeting (first or single call) and are published on Saipem’s website, along with a professional résumé for all candidates. Lists can be presented by Shareholders, who individually or with others, hold voting shares representing at least 1% of the share capital.
The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of April 27, 2012 approved amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association required to comply with new regulations aimed at promoting gender balance in Control Bodies of listed companies (Law No. 120 of July 12 “Amendments to Law 58/98 aimed at promoting gender balance in Boards of Directors and Control Bodies of listed companies” and Consob Regulation No. 18098 of February 8, 2012).

The Board of Statutory Auditors’ Members are: Mario Busso (Chairman) elected from the minority list, Giulia De Martino (Statutory Auditor), Riccardo Perotta (Statutory Auditor) and Francesca Talamonti (Alternate Auditor) elected from the majority list, and Francesca Michela Maurelli (Alternate Auditor) elected from the minority list.


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